FAQ About eSpace Coworking

espace coworking hanoi vietnam

1. Where is eSpace Coworking?

27544825_163739737743594_6508728110890709420_neSpace Coworking is located on 3rd Floor, Savina Building, No.1 Dinh Le, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

If you get eSpace by bus (02, 34, 40), drop off at Trang Tien Plaza. Then, turn left at the intersection and turn left at the next intersection. Walk down Trang Tien Street and turn right to Nguyen Xi Street. Savina Building is at the corner of Nguyen Xi Street and Dinh Le street.

If you get eSpace by motorbike,
– From Dinh Tien Hoang street, turn right to Dinh Le Street. Savina Building is on your left, at the corner of Dinh Le Street and Nguyen Xi Street.
– From Ngo Quyen Street, turn right to Dinh Le Street. Savina Building is opposite to Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.
– From Trang Tien Street, turn right to Nguyen Xi Street. Savina Building is at the corner of Dinh Le and Nguyen Xi Street.

2. Does eSpace Coworking has parking lot?

Yes. You can find a parking lot in front of Savina Building or under ground of the building.

3. When is eSpace Coworking open?

Our staff is on site from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM local time. After working time, please contact our receptionist to reserve work place.

4. Who could guarantee a space at eSpace Coworking?

Our shared workspace is open to startups, freelancers, solopreneurs, and professionals.

Our private rooms are perfect for small and medium-sized company of up to 15 people or those who would like to have a representative office at very center of Hanoi.

5. How could I book a tour around eSpace Coworking?

You can book a tour via Coworker at https://www.coworker.com/vietnam/hanoi/espace-coworking

Warmly welcome you to eSpace Coworking!

6. Could I have my guests at eSpace Coworking?

Yes. Feel free to invite your guests at eSpace Coworking. You can greet your guests in front of reception desk.

7. Does eSpace Coworking have some drinks?

Yes. You can enjoy free tea and coffee and freely use microwave and fridge at our kitchen corner.

8. Does eSpace Coworking have personal locker?

Yes. Anyone working at eSpace Coworking has a personal locker at Locker Area behind reception desk. You can feel a peace-of-mind of your package and stay focused on your work.

9.How can we unwind after working at eSpace Coworking?

There are 2 options for you. If you don’t want to leave your office, make yourself a cup of coffee and relax at reading corner full of E&I books at eSpace Coworking. Second option is that you can go for a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake, just a 2-minute stroll from eSpace Coworking.

10. Is there any good place to eat near eSpace Coworking?

Yes. There are myriads of restaurants and food stalls near eSpace Coworking. Contact our receptionist to have a list of good places to eat near our coworking.

11. Is there any bank or ATM near eSpace Coworking?

Yes. You can find a number of banks and ATM near eSpace Coworking such as Vietinbank, PV Bank, Ocean Bank, Citibank, TP Bank, Sea Bank, among others.


1. Which products do eSpace Coworking provide?

eSpace Coworking provides 4 shared working zones including Creativity Zone, Collaboration Zone, Concentration Zone, Privilege Zone, as well as 18 custom-made private rooms and 1 spacious meeting room.

2.  What size of private rooms do you have?

Our private rooms size varies. Normally, our private rooms accommodate a team of 3 – 15. For a team of more than 15 people, please contact us for more support.

3. What size of meeting rooms do you have?

Our meeting room are able to accommodate a team of up to 20. It can be divided into smaller space in order for two team to hold meetings at the same time.

4. Do I need to book meeting room in advance?

You need to book in advance, at least 02 days before you start using meeting rooms. Register via email info@espacework.com or call us +84. 916.806.089

5. Does eSpace Coworking have event area?

Yes. Flexibility and Comfort are our priority. Our coworking space is easily rearranged to make room for events and member-led activities with a capacity of up to 80 people.

6. How to register to host event(s) at eSpace Coworking?

eSpace Coworking spends all weekends on public events and member-led activities. As for event organizers, please contact us via email info@espacework.com or hotline: +84. 916806089 to book event space in advance.

7. Could I put our standee on the 1st floor of Savina Building?

Yes. Of course. You can display your standee on the 1st floor of the building, elevator lobby and event space at eSpace Coworking.

8. Could I work at eSpace Coworking on weekends?

eSpace Coworking opens working space for startups, freelancers, and SMEs from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, eSpace Coworking is open to public events.


1. What membership plans do you provide?  

Our main membership plans are:

Basic: Access to flexible seat at communal working area 03 days/month and enjoy all shared facilities at eSpace Coworking.

Unlimited: Get full access to flexible seat at coworking space. Discount per booking of meeting room.

Dedicated: Have a desk of your own at coworking space.Discount per booking of meeting room.

Private Office: Ground a private office of your own with company name tag and business address. Free to use meeting room for 02 – 04 hours per week.

Besides, eSpace Coworking provides you with tailored membership plans to fit your needs.

2. How to change my registration information?

Please contact directly to our sales to change your initial registration information.

3. I’m a freelancer, could I register for 1 – 2 day pass at eSpace Coworking?

Of course. Beside basic plans and pricing, we provide customers with customizable solution. For more information, please contact us at info@espacework.com or hotline: +84. 916. 806. 089

4. As for Basic Membership plan, could I have a desk of my own at communal coworking space?

Reserved desk and chair is only available for Dedicated Membership. As for Basic and Unlimited Membership, you can work at various desk every day.


5. Do I need to register days I work in advance?

Yes. To help us serve you best, please book the days you work at eSpace Coworking via info@espacework.com or hotline: +84. 916. 806. 089

6. How do I pay for my membership?

Basic, Unlimited and Dedicated Plans are billed daily or monthly. You can pay in cash or transfer money to our bank account.

7. Does membership begin on the 1st day of month?

Basic, Unlimited and Dedicated Membership is valid from the day you sign up.

8. Does eSpace Coworking have refund policy?

In this case, eSpace Coworking will make an effort to find the best solution for you.

9. Does eSpace Coworking have a plan for a group of more than 15?

Yes. As for a group of over 15, our engineers will remove glass wall between two private rooms to create larger room for your team. Please contact us at info@espacework.com or hotline +84. 916. 806. 089 for further information.

10. Could eSpace Coworking customize private rooms?

Yes. Now we leave all walls in white tone to redesign if requested.

11. Could I have my company name tag on the our office door?

Yes. You can put your company name tag on the door of your own office.

12. Does eSpace provide phone service?

eSpace Coworking will provide you private phone service if requested.

Author: eSpace coworking

At the heart of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, only 2 minutes' walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, eSpace Coworking brings about the most typical scent of the capital city: busy yet tranquil, distinct yet welcoming. Everything is within 5 minutes walking distance: from office buildings, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, book shops to street foods - the specialty of Hanoi. Whether you need a place for full concentration or a place to be creative and think out of the box, a place to be detached or a place to mingle with others, you could find yourself at eSpace Coworking. Espace Coworking provides Serviced office (văn phòng cho thuê), private office (văn phòng riêng), shared office (văn phòng chia sẻ) in Hoan Kiem, Trang Tien. CONTACT US Add: Level 3, Savina, 1 - Đinh Lễ - Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam Facebook: eSpace.Coworking.vn Linkedin: eSpace Coworking Tel: +84.91 680 60 89 Email: info@espacework.com Website: http://www.espacework.com

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