Parking Lot – Painpoint faced by any Coworking Space

It is flexibility and comfort that any coworking spaces need to bear in mind most. No matter how great your events are or how luxurious your furniture is, only when you ensure flexibility and comfort of your coworking space, do you bring true values to your customer.

Flexibility and comfort are not all about interior coworking space. It starts from the place that impresses customer first – parking lot.

Why does the parking lot matter?

The parking lot is one of the pain points faced by almost all coworking space. It is the first and the last thing that represents the feeling of flexibility and comfort.

The parking lot is also one of the key factors that people often take into consideration before they decide to move in any coworking space.

From the beginning, eSpace Coworking Team made a decision to choose Savina Buiding in Hoan Kiem District, which provides flexible options for our members to park their vehicles, to build our coworking space.

As working at eSpace Coworking, you are able to park your bike or motorbike on the pavement in front of the building or underground parking lot. Your vehicle is taken care by security guard 24/24. You just need to focus on your task, let eSpace Coworking care the rest.

Author: eSpace coworking

At the heart of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, only 2 minutes' walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, eSpace Coworking brings about the most typical scent of the capital city: busy yet tranquil, distinct yet welcoming. Everything is within 5 minutes walking distance: from office buildings, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, book shops to street foods - the specialty of Hanoi. Whether you need a place for full concentration or a place to be creative and think out of the box, a place to be detached or a place to mingle with others, you could find yourself at eSpace Coworking. Espace Coworking provides Serviced office (văn phòng cho thuê), private office (văn phòng riêng), shared office (văn phòng chia sẻ) in Hoan Kiem, Trang Tien. CONTACT US Add: Level 3, Savina, 1 - Đinh Lễ - Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam Facebook: Linkedin: eSpace Coworking Tel: +84.91 680 60 89 Email: Website:

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