eSpace Coworking’s Story

Since coworking space concept was introduced to Vietnam market in 2012, Vietnam has witnessed the establishment of 17 coworking space operators with 22 venues, mainly located in Hanoi and HCMC (CBRE Vietnam Special Report, 2017). The Vietnam coworking space market share has been dominated by local operators.  According to CBRE report, 91% of coworking space users in Vietnam are generation Y (under the age of 35), and 54% of which are founders and staffs of startups.

With a dynamic business environment, three consecutive years of being top FDI attraction country in Southeast Asia, we have been seeing that more and more foreign companies and organizations move to Vietnam. Those companies and organizations are shifting their interest from traditional working spaces to coworking spaces in order to enhance creativity, flexibility and collaboration opportunities. Current coworking spaces in Vietnam, though, targets to startup and seems to ignore foreign companies and organizations, making it a possible market for young coworking space operator like eSpace Coworking.

Potential opportunity in coworking space industry and desire to be a piece of this vibrant picture drive eSpace Coworking to be set up to bring about a unique platform for not only startups but also foreign enterprises who are discovering Vietnam market.

Focus on enterprise experience

Every single design and layout in eSpace Coworking is taken into serious consideration to ensure the flexibility and comfort at the highest level. eSpace Coworking smoothly combines coworking space and serviced offices. Our coworking space is divided into 04 working zones with different levels of noise to fit demands of different users. The entire working place in eSpace is furnished with well-designed desks and ergonomic facilities. Moreover, eSpace is powered by Philips Led lighting system to create a pleasant environment for entrepreneurs who regularly often work under high-pressure by providing it with neutral light. Besides, our interior simple design enables us to customize the design and layout, as well as create a regularly-changing working environment.

Provide everything you need nearby

According to CBRE’s findings, coworking spaces in Vietnam are generally decentralized so that operators are able to keep rental costs to a minimum. This causes trouble to enterprises, especially to foreign companies and organizations who have a huge demand in researching Vietnam market and connecting to partners, in terms of easy access to business development services.

Centrally located in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, eSpace Coworking gives you a full access to basic services like entertainment centers, restaurants and among others, as well as additional services like tax, accounting, auditing, and so on. Besides, working in central Hanoi saves your precise time in discovering Vietnam market and connecting with trusted partners and enterprise and professional communities.

Build up prime community

Community differentiates coworking space from traditional and shared office. Building a community is not enough. To bring members the actual an true values, it is essential for coworking space operator to build up a close-knit and prime community by creating a sustainable and reliable network. This is what eSpace Coworking aims to build from the beginning. eSpace Coworking desires to become a dynamic community with the trusted network between verified members and reliable partners so that every step on their business journey is backed up and promoted.

Core Values of eSpace Coworking

Unique Platform for the Growth of Business

More than a premium coworking space in the center of Hanoi, eSpace Coworking is a companion of your business from the beginning

Every single service at eSpace Coworking from basic services like workspaces to additional services like business registration, accounting, tax, and so on is created on the basis of the cycle of a business in order for your business to survive and thrive. When moving to eSpace Coworking, what you need to do is to focus on developing your services/products and following your own values. eSpace Coworking is not about providing a place to work. eSpace is truly about providing your growing business a platform attached to primary and added services. In other words, we offer a unique platform to accelerate your business. 

A vibrant community of entrepreneurs

eSpace Coworking desires to be a vibrant community of dynamic, innovative entrepreneurs so that you can work in the professional and entrepreneurial environment every single day. Each working day at eSpace Coworking will be fulfilled by new ideas, new collaboration chances with someone like you. eSpace is where your energy will be boosted and your effort will be respected and backed up. So, when you come back home at the end of the day, you feel happy and fulfilled with what you are doing.

Value Co-creation

As a member of eSpace Coworking, you are free to suggest and implement your ideas to connect members in our community and take advantage of shared resources. You can utilize our space, our logistic resource, and our network to bring your ideas to life.

Acknowledging that we are a young business and on the way to build up and strengthen our true values, we are constantly striving for bringing our community the truest values.

Parking Lot – Painpoint faced by any Coworking Space

It is flexibility and comfort that any coworking spaces need to bear in mind most. No matter how great your events are or how luxurious your furniture is, only when you ensure flexibility and comfort of your coworking space, do you bring true values to your customer.

Flexibility and comfort are not all about interior coworking space. It starts from the place that impresses customer first – parking lot.

Why does the parking lot matter?

The parking lot is one of the pain points faced by almost all coworking space. It is the first and the last thing that represents the feeling of flexibility and comfort.

The parking lot is also one of the key factors that people often take into consideration before they decide to move in any coworking space.

From the beginning, eSpace Coworking Team made a decision to choose Savina Buiding in Hoan Kiem District, which provides flexible options for our members to park their vehicles, to build our coworking space.

As working at eSpace Coworking, you are able to park your bike or motorbike on the pavement in front of the building or underground parking lot. Your vehicle is taken care by security guard 24/24. You just need to focus on your task, let eSpace Coworking care the rest.

eSpace Coworking – Easily Access and Connect

Convenience in terms of transportation and service connection is also considered as an advantage of a coworking space. In metropolitan cities like Hanoi, it’s quite hard to find such a convenient place.

Fortunately, eSpace Coworking bridge the convenience of transportation and the convenience of connections to supporting services, enabling businesses to survive and flourish.

If you get eSpace Coworking by bus (02, 34, 40), drop off at Trang Tien Plaza. Then, turn left at the intersection and turn left at the next intersection. Walk down Trang Tien Street and turn right to Nguyen Xi Street. Savina Building is at the corner of Nguyen Xi Street and Dinh Le street.

If you get eSpace Coworking by motorbike or car, you can reach us from Dinh Tien Hoang street or Ngo Quyen or Trang Tien. All ways lead you to eSpace Coworking.

Phố Đinh Lễ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội (Nguồn: Internet)

Moreover, thanks to our central location, 2-minute walking distance from Hoan Kien Lake, it is easier for you to get full access to additional services ranging from banks, tax, accounting companies to restaurants, entertainment centers, among others. It’s unnecessary for you to leave your office so far because everything you need is beneath your feet.

eSpace Coworking Space – Plans And Pricing For Personal Services

1. Basic

Basic plan is best for those who do not need same desk or workspace and want to show up 2 – 3 days per month. You can pick any available seat in our communal workspace and let your work begin. Get 3 – day pass per month and start to experience all benefits of our shared facilities right now.


  • Personal locker
  • Meeting room (charged per booking)
  • Events and benefits from our partners

Best for:  businesses who don’t want to stick to a workspace every day.

2. Unlimited

Unlimited plan gets you 24/7 access to any available desk in the common area, meaning that you are free to work at different spots every day. New workplace means a new opportunity for creativity and collaboration every day.


  • Personal locker
  • Meeting room (20% off per booking)
  • Events and benefits from our partners

Best for: businesses who want to get full access to coworking space.

3. Dedicated

By enquiring Dedicated plan, you are able to ground a workplace for you and your team in a noise-free business hub, which gives you a peace of mind of choosing different desk every day. Dedicated plan includes your own business address, a dedicated desk, a chair.


  • Personal locker
  • Meeting room (20 off per booking)
  • Business address
  • Events and benefits from our partners

Best for: businesses who want to have a desk of their own.

4. Private Office

You need a guarantee a quiet workspace of your own? Private Office plan is perfect for you. Our 18 private offices are all ready to move in with desks, chairs and custom-made design to suit your interests and company culture. Each private office features sound-proofed glass walls to prioritize natural light without reducing privacy. They accommodate up to 10 people. For teams of larger size, our team of engineers can remove glass wall between two offices and add more workstations.


  • Business address
  • Meeting room (free 2 – 4 hours per week)
  • Events and benefits from our partners

Best for: small and medium-sized company of 10 or so or businesses who want to establish representative office in the capital of Vietnam.

eSpace Coworking Service – Virtual Office

Virtual office at eSpace Coworking enables you to create professional impression easy without costing you a fortune per month. The virtual office helps you free from the hassle of commuting because you just need to show up at the office when needed.

Guaranteeing a virtual office at eSpace Coworking means that you will get a premium business address at the very heart of Hanoi, professional email address to receive and manage your email and someone to take care of your phone calls. Also, you will have a working space in our shared working environment up to 03 days per month to use whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, as a member of eSpace Coworking, you are welcomed to join our events and member-led activities every week, which provides you with possible cooperation opportunities to grow your own business.

Additional Services:

  • Business Address and Name Tag
  • Meeting rooms
  • Flexible workplace at shared working space
  • Mail handling
  • Calls answering
  • Weekly events

eSpace Coworking Service – Private Office

One of the possible disadvantages of common areas in coworking space is lack of privacy and brand presence to your clients. Although a shared working environment is divided into different areas, it can’t ensure your privacy and brand presence to the maximum.

eSpace Coworking offers you 18 full-furnished private offices with capacity of up to 15 people.

Our team of engineers is always ready to increase or decrease the number of workstations and customize an interior design to suit your interests and company culture.

Types of private office:

  • Window private office: Those private offices are equipped with glass windows to take advantage of natural lights and create seemingly large space. You can opt for office with a great view over Nguyen Xi street or Dinh Le street.
  • Non-window private office: Only 03 out of 18 serviced offices don’t have glass windows. If a private and fully-equipped office is your priority over a great view, a non-window private office is a good choice for you.

Additional Services:

  • High-speed wifi
  • Business address and Company name tag
  • Easily add or remove work stations
  • Meeting room
  • Office printers
  • Phone service
  • On-site staffs
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Free tea and coffee