Vietnam Major Report – Coworking Space In Vietnam 2017

Co-working space has expanded rapidly in the two main cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City since the concept was first introduced to Vietnam in 2012 at an average growth rate of 58%. With co-working space still so new to the local market, and major international operators yet to enter, growth is set to accelerate further in the coming years.

The growth of co-working space has been driven by the start-up boom, but the model is emerging as a viable option for corporate occupiers thanks to its flexibility, creativity and a wide range of amenities for tenants. It also offers a far more cost-effective solution for tenants compared to traditional leased office space.

CBRE Vietnam’s Major Report on Co-working Space looks at recent growth trends, supply – demand dynamics of the co-working space industry to analyse the implications to tenants and landlords.

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Why Big Corporations Are Moving Into Coworking Spaces?

Some of the world’s largest corporations such as PwC, Apple, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, GE, SalesForce, Amazon, Airbnb, IBM,… are flocking to coworking spaces in search of talent, potential acquisitions and flexible office setups.

Recent Q3 2017 Occupier Survey by the commercial brokerage firm CBRE indicates that 44 percent of corporations are already using some type of flexible open platform office solution. 65 percent of the companies expect to use coworking as part of their office portfolio in the Americas by 2020.

Meanwhile, JLL – a major brokerage firm, predicted that by 2030 up to 30 percent of all office space will be, in some form, flexible or have an open layout design.

Those reports cited a wide variety of factors/motivations for switching to the coworking office space approach:

1) Financial incentives (reduced real estate and logistics costs)

2) Better access to innovators, innovations, talent pools

3) Be close to key partners, new market locations

4) Useful expansion tool to favor adding space on-demand

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