Vietnam Freight Transport and Shipping Report Q3 2017 & Forecasts to 2021

Overview of Vietnam Freight Transport & Shipping Report Q3 2017 – Includes 5-year forecasts to 2021 by BMI Research

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The beginnings of local commercial vehicle production, which will help improve the stock of trucks used by road haulage companies.
Chinese investment could bring about much-needed improvements in the rail sector.
Increase in hi-tech production moving into Vietnam from China and telecoms from India will increase demand in transport capacity and particularly air freight.
Government approval of the VND336.7trn (USD16bn) construction of Long Thanh international in the southern Dong Nai Province provides opportunity for new routes and increased capacity, with the handling of 5mn tonnes of cargo by 2050.
Vietnam’s signing of a free trade deal with Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) will drive trade growth and therefore between the two markets opening up new opportunity for the freight industry. The government further signed an FTA with South Korea which will stimulate trade between the two economies.
Japan’s leading aircraft group, ANA Holdings, is seeking to buy a 5% stake in Vietnam Airlines. If closed successfully, the deal will provide a boost to Vietnam’s air freight growth as we expect trade ties with Japan to intensify.
Vietnam’s textile sector is considered to be among the big winners of the TPP. If successfully ratified, in particular road freight will be boosted by growing textiles exports.


Vietnam risks losing out to neighbouring countries if it is unable to develop its infrastructure to keep up with the pace of demand.
Vietnam is vulnerable to any slowdown in Chinese investment and to political risk in the sensitive South China Sea, subject to competing sovereignty claims.
The government has been unable to satisfy the demand for improved transport services in the country coming on the back of growing customer demand.
Congestion remains an issue around the Ho Chi Minh City seaports, which poses a bottleneck for road freight growth.

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