Vietnam Power Report Q3 2017 and forecasts to 2026

Overview of Vietnam Power Report Q3 2017 – Includes 5-year forecasts to 2026 by BMI Research

1. BMI Industry View


3. Industry Forecast

4. Market Overview

5. Company Profile

6. Demographic Forecast

7. Methodology


■ The national power development plan for the 2011-2020 period targets an increase of aggregate power output from 194-210TWh by 2015, to 330-362TWh by 2020 and 695-834TWh by 2030.
■ Vietnam has emerged as an important regional producer of oil and natural gas, allowing greater foreign company involvement in the oil and gas sectors, and introducing market reforms aimed at strengthening the country’s energy industry.
■ Potential increases in electricity prices could result in profitability for energy producers.
■ Wind power and other renewables are starting to receive more investor attention.


■ The country presents a risky environment for major infrastructure projects, especially with regard to project finance operations.
■ Vietnam’s existing energy infrastructure is poor, delaying integration of new capacity.
■ Corruption is widespread in Vietnam.
■ There is growing (albeit still limited) public dissatisfaction with the leadership’s tight control over political dissent.

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