Vietnam Tourism Report Q4 2017 and Forecasts To 2021

Overview of Vietnam Tourism Report Q4 2017 – Includes 5-year forecasts to 2021

1.  BMI View
2.  SWOT
3.  Industry Forecast
4.Industry Risk/Reward Index
5.  Market Overview
6.  Competitive Landscape
7. Methodology


Tax breaks are increasingly offered to foreign developers, encouraging investment in the hotel sector and tour operations.

Growth in arrivals from Middle Eastern countries such as Iran could prove lucrative.

There are extensive real estate opportunities for hotel development, particularly along southern coastlines and in rural areas inland.

Robust tourism based construction efforts support economic activity in the country.

Robust growth from current and new source markets is anticipated out to 2021 in terms of in-bound arrivals.


Other countries in the region, such as Thailand, are more established tourist destinations for Westerners, with better flight connections.

Recoveries in other regional tourism markets could encourage a shift away from Vietnam.

Any downturn in the global economy could depress inbound arrivals.

Vietnam is vulnerable to extreme weather, such as tropical storms, which impact the tourism sector.

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