Vietnam Trade and Investment Risk Report Q4 2017

Overview of Vietnam Trade and Investment Risk Report Q4 2017 – Includes BMI Operational Risk Index by BMI Research

1.  BMI View
2.  SWOT
3.   Economic Openness Analysis
4.  Government Intervention Analysis
5.  Legal Environment Analysis
6.  Methodology 


Declining trade barriers are making it easier to enter the market.

Increased foreign participation in the banking sector will increase the availability of funds for loans.


A high level of bad debts may lead to wider economic risks.

Corruption and inefficiency in the legal system means that laws could change in the future and private industry could become nationalised.

The government’s war against corruption will realise gains but only in the long term as favouritism still rife.

Vietnam may lose trade opportunities from a failed TPP agreement due to the new US President-elect Donald Trump’s rejection of the deal.

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