Why Big Corporations Are Moving Into Coworking Spaces?

Some of the world’s largest corporations such as PwC, Apple, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, GE, SalesForce, Amazon, Airbnb, IBM,… are flocking to coworking spaces in search of talent, potential acquisitions and flexible office setups.

Recent Q3 2017 Occupier Survey by the commercial brokerage firm CBRE indicates that 44 percent of corporations are already using some type of flexible open platform office solution. 65 percent of the companies expect to use coworking as part of their office portfolio in the Americas by 2020.

Meanwhile, JLL – a major brokerage firm, predicted that by 2030 up to 30 percent of all office space will be, in some form, flexible or have an open layout design.

Those reports cited a wide variety of factors/motivations for switching to the coworking office space approach:

1) Financial incentives (reduced real estate and logistics costs)

2) Better access to innovators, innovations, talent pools

3) Be close to key partners, new market locations

4) Useful expansion tool to favor adding space on-demand

Are you freelancers, solopreneurs, startups, professionals or event organizers looking for a premium coworking space with nice interior design, central location and reasonable prices in Hanoi, Vietnam? eSpace Coworking provides you with a variety of services such as personal open seats, dedicated offices, meeting rooms and venue booking.

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  • Phone: +84 916806089 (viber, whatsapps, zalo)
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eSpace Coworking Space – Plans And Pricing For Personal Services

1. Basic

Basic plan is best for those who do not need same desk or workspace and want to show up 2 – 3 days per month. You can pick any available seat in our communal workspace and let your work begin. Get 3 – day pass per month and start to experience all benefits of our shared facilities right now.


  • Personal locker
  • Meeting room (charged per booking)
  • Events and benefits from our partners

Best for:  businesses who don’t want to stick to a workspace every day.

2. Unlimited

Unlimited plan gets you 24/7 access to any available desk in the common area, meaning that you are free to work at different spots every day. New workplace means a new opportunity for creativity and collaboration every day.


  • Personal locker
  • Meeting room (20% off per booking)
  • Events and benefits from our partners

Best for: businesses who want to get full access to coworking space.

3. Dedicated

By enquiring Dedicated plan, you are able to ground a workplace for you and your team in a noise-free business hub, which gives you a peace of mind of choosing different desk every day. Dedicated plan includes your own business address, a dedicated desk, a chair.


  • Personal locker
  • Meeting room (20 off per booking)
  • Business address
  • Events and benefits from our partners

Best for: businesses who want to have a desk of their own.

4. Private Office

You need a guarantee a quiet workspace of your own? Private Office plan is perfect for you. Our 18 private offices are all ready to move in with desks, chairs and custom-made design to suit your interests and company culture. Each private office features sound-proofed glass walls to prioritize natural light without reducing privacy. They accommodate up to 10 people. For teams of larger size, our team of engineers can remove glass wall between two offices and add more workstations.


  • Business address
  • Meeting room (free 2 – 4 hours per week)
  • Events and benefits from our partners

Best for: small and medium-sized company of 10 or so or businesses who want to establish representative office in the capital of Vietnam.